Ode to my heart

I’m not sure at what point my journey
Started to feel like going in circles in a maze
When did I stop letting life and people
To excite me and be prepared to be amazed

I suppose I don’t need to find out when
As long as I recognise that this is where I am
They say to sin is to miss the target
So for something else now I need to aim

And we’re all but repenting sinners
Each with a slightly different maze’s start
And instead of map we have to do with
Barely noticeable whisper of our heart

Yet heart can only say what it has to
We still have to make our choice
Between its gentle push and our desires
That tend to have much stronger voice

So my heart please forgive me
How reckless with you I have been
Most often it’s not God I sin against
It’s you against who I tend to sin

Like Theseus had to
Count on Ariadne and her thread
I’d have to count on you my heart
To guide me back until I’m dead

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