She’s like first days of spring

I told you that you remind me
Of early days of long awaited spring.
And you smiled and asked me
Why that’s what I think.

We stopped for a coffee
As to explain myself would take a while.
And I was getting accustomed to
The way you laugh and smile.

“Well, first and foremost.” I said
“It’s because of how you’re dressed
How sunrays play with
The tiny mountains on your chest.”

“Secondly – you remind me
Of everything I ever was scared to start.
Yet it later became everything that
Found its way to the bottom of my heart.”

“And as for the third reason
(Here the ice might became thin).
You seem like an angel that came to say
“I’ll do anything to help you to win.” “

“I can’t say I disagree,
You explained yourself quite well.
Though I wonder if you might have
More stories to tell?”

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