Me And My Pain Body (#PB78) – Introduction

I always wanted to create a comic that would have some potential to entertain people, but with my drawing skills I thought it’s not really possible. Eventually, after seeing a few doodling artists gaining popularity with somewhat simpler drawing techniques, but good stories, or funny content, I realised that perhaps there is a chance for me to try. Of course I could have tried even before this realisation, but the fear of failure was holding me back. This explanation wasn’t intentional, but it quite fits – not acting because of fear of failure is actually one of the common symptoms of having a pain body.

* Disclaimer: There will be swearing in my comic.

Now, what the fuck is pain body?

If you’re familiar with teachings of Eckhart Tolle, or at least attempted to read some self help books (because adulthood sucks) you should know that Pain Body is a fictional entity made of our trauma and trauma responses and it interacts with our mind and “real” body in the most annoying ways. You could theoretically call it an emotional baggage (something ugly and heavy that we drag around), but as I quite like Eckhart I opted for Pain Body as the main character in my comic.

Of course every super hero in comic book, even villains, should have a side kick, so I’ve given a Little Broken Heart to my Pain Body #PB78 as its trusty companion.

PS 1 – I have made this deal with my Pain Body that it’ll let me do stuff that gives me some joy and fulfillment, in return for giving it som PR and keeping it alive and well without too much effort aimed at its eradication (given that it’s pretty much futile to destroy Pain Body, I feel like it was a bargain).

PS 2 – This is just a short introduction and I might change the style of the drawing, but I hope it will be fun reading.

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