I heard some people ask why we
Wish peace to the dead
When we maybe should wish and work
For peace for the living instead

But I worry that peace doesn’t just happen
One has to work for it (and quite hard!)
And it’s only privilege of the dead
To give some rest to their guard

It’s almost as if our minds were constantly
Assessing if we should fight or flight
And even if some things look favorable
We focus on those that don’t seem right

So we push ourselves out of comfort zone
In the pursuit of happiness
Never really realising that instead of wanting more
We could just maybe accept less

Do. Grow. Improve. Change. Increase.
Never settle or dare to be satisfied
Just don’t be surprised when you find out
That somewhere along the way your peace died

I believe peace is reserved for the dead indeed
Us living simply can’t escape the chaos of our mind
At least we can seek some comfort in knowing
That by default peace was never ours to find

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