InkTober 2022

Here we go again. It’s time to pick up some markers and give it my best and contribute to the awesomeness that is Inktober.

I am once again sending my little friend on 31 adventures, but this time, he will get a name.

Recently, I’ve been pondering a lot about my favourite fictional character, Loki, and for a short while, I’ve had his horned helmet as a profile picture on WhatsApp. Then my friend suggested I change it as it seemed to him that God of lies isn’t something I should be worshipping, and I’ve decided (though not only for this reason) to change my picture.

Then I thought I’d name my mouse Loki, but that would be too easy and a bit sketchy, so I’ve decided to go with “Lucky”, but change the spelling to “Laki”. This way I get a Loki like sounding to his name and I keep it relatively positive as I’m trying to give my little friend better life than I normally have.

So, please welcome Laki. 

1. Gargoyle

Laki has brought an ancient gargoyle to his garden.

2. Scurry

Laki is trying to practice dancing as he believes it will be needed when he finally finds his girlfriend. So far, it looks like some shy scurrying.

3. Bat

Laki often wishes he could be the famous Batmouse.

4. Scallop

Laki is on the final part of Camino de Santiago and in the distance he can see Compostela. It was always his dream to complete this pilgrimage.

5. Flame

Laki is cosplaying the famous Slovakian robber of the rich, aka Jánošík. Though I have heard his story isn’t as romantic as some stories portray it. Just don’t tell Laki. He might throw his costume into the fire.

6. Bouquet

Laki is a good friend with Banksy. What can I say, I am jealous. But he won’t tell me who is Banksy.

6. Trip

Laki is a big fan of rock music. One of his favourite bands is The White Stripes. Sometimes he wishes he learned to play some instrument so he could have his own band.

8. Match

Laki is not exactly a super calm mouse. He also doesn’t like losing. He is trying to not repeat his infamous smashing of his tennis racket after losing in the final match of Wimbledon. As much as he always wants to win, he needs to remember it is just a game.

9. Nest

Laki woke up after a terrible nightmare where he was being carried as a dead meat to the nest of young hawks. Luckily, he woke up and realised it was only a dream.

10. Crabby

Although Laki prefers rock music, he also liked some different styles in the past and had a look to prove it.

11. Eagle

One of Laki’s fantasies is to ride on the back of the eagle like he has seen in the Lord Of The Rings. In his normal life, he isn’t as keen on finding himself in the presence of an eagle.

12. Forget

Laki is upset as he forgot to charge his phone and now he is facing a daily trip without checking social media. I am sure he will survive 🙂

13. Kind

Laki has always believed in kindness, though he can also be an ass and forget that kindness is what he should always be choosing. But nobody is perfect, right?

14. Empty

Laki is always upset and sad when he goes down to his fridge in the night and finds it empty.

15. Armadillo

Laki has always been a big fan of series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and so he is going to be a Holiday Armadillo for Halloween. PS – Happy birthday Emily!

16. Fowl

Laki is a big sports fan, his most favourite being tennis and ice hockey. His favourite team is Anaheim Ducks.

17. Salty

Laki has decided to start running as he thinks he put too much extra weight on from all the cheese. Until now he didn’t realise how salty and unpleasant his sweat is and get quite annoyed when the sweat gets into his eyes. I am surprised he didn’t quit running yet.

* dedicated to Reka. Happy birthday 🙂

18. Scrape

Laki used to ride roller-skates in the 90’s. He often scraped his knees, but he refused to wear knee protectors. He became a bit more mindful of health and safety now 🙂

19. Ponytail

When was Laki a little mouse-child he used to have a favourite My Little Pony toy. At least until it lost its tail in minor fire accident.

20. Bluff

Laki would never miss an opportunity to play with his daggers and bluff anyone. He can’t help it being a trickster.

21. Bad Dog

Laki is always trying to be proactive and vigilant and ever since his accident with bad dog he does all he can to warn others about potential threats to their safety. He wishes he could do more, but one little mouse can only do so much. Every little helps though, right?

22. Heist

Couldn’t resist imagining Laki in the Matrix being Neo. I always want him to experience all the awesome things I can’t 🙂 Now if we only could find Trinity 🙂

23. Booger

Despite being told numerous times to not put boogers in his mouth, Laki feels always tempted to do so as according to him, they taste a bit like a mouldy cheese. Ewwwwwwwwww ….

24. Fairy

I can’t resist to share the inspiration behind the drawing for Fairy.

It is the stunning piece The Stolen Child by McKinnon brothers, which belongs to the Kin trilogy even though it seems to be the loose extra story, slightly different to the three main fables. 

Now of course Laki in the knight’s armour can’t compare to the beauty shown in the videos, so I’d love to ask you to watch the 4 stories and enjoy the brilliant storytelling of McKinnon brothers.

You’re in for a treat. 

Kin Fables

Part 1 – Kin

Part 2 – Salvage

Part 3 – Requiem

Extra story

The Stolen Child

25. Tempting

When it comes to getting cheese for free, Laki can’t really resist temptation, even when it means risk. Even high risk. Even death.

26. Ego

Laki always loved LEGO. He discovered a box of old lego and he couldn’t resist building himself out of it. It wasn’t exactly glorious version of himself as he imagined but it was fun. His ego wasn’t hurt in the process.

27. Snack

Laki is always looking forward watching his favourite show in the evening. Especially when he doesn’t forget to buy some snacks.

28. Camping

Laki loves being outdoors. Preferably in good weather. One of his most enjoyable moments when camping is the moment when he lights up his cigarette and sips a coffee after he got the fire going. Pure bliss.

29. Uh-Oh

Laki went to catch some butterflies and it looks like he wasn’t careful and ran off the cliff! Luckily, he is just a cartoon character so he will just land at the foot of the mountain, making a mouse shaped crater into the solid ground, stand up, brush off the dirt and off he goes to a new adventure! If only I could reanimate myself like this 🙂

30. Gear

One of the things on Laki’s bucket list was visiting the North Pole. I don’t know how, but he managed that! Good thing he had all the gear he needed as it wasn’t exactly easy. Though I don’t think he will go back there anytime soon. He prefers sun after all.

31. Farm

Even though Laki prefers cheese over vegetables, he still grows some veg on his farm. Usually, he exchanges the extra he doesn’t need for cheese, but I totally get that. More cheese = more happiness. I would probably do the same to be fair.

PS 1 – InkTober 2022, you were good! auf Wiedersehen!

PS 2 – Last picture for my friend Kelly. Thanks for the visit!

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