Inktober 2021

Day 1 – Crystal

Mouse is trying to see future in a crystal ball. It seems he is not impressed!

Day 2 – Suit

Mouse went to space! He was really excited to be one the first of his kind to travel in a rocket!

Day 3 – Vessel

One of the best moments in mouse’s life is opening a new jar of premium mature cheddar!

Day 4 – Knot

Mouse is shredding on his favourite guitar, showing everyone he is a big fan of Slipknot!

Day 5 – Raven

Mouse is trying on his handmade Halloween costume based on his favourite trilogy Kin Fables by McKinnon brothers, wearing a replica of one of the raven worshippers mask from Tale 1.

Day 6 – Spirit

Poor mouse saw a spirt, or a ghost, though he isn’t sure about it all now as he might had too much wine.

Day 7 – Fan

Mouse is a big fan of Inktober! Well, it is the time for him to go on adventures and see things that even some humans don’t get to see.

Day 8 – Watch

Mouse used to love watching night sky and his favourite thing to see were falling stars!

Day 9 – Pressure

Mouse is under a lot of pressure here as he ate too much of blue cheese and it seems he might not make it home in time!

Day 10 – Pick

Mouse don’t seem to be able to pick which cheese to get for dinner. I personally would recommend emmental!

Day 11 – Sour

Mouse often starts his day with a bowl of cereals and kefir. Some aren’t keen on its rather sour taste, but mouse actually enjoys it!

Day 12 – Stuck

Mouse loves gaming, but he seems stuck. Soon he might need to find help in the walkthrough.

Day 13 – Roof

Mouse loves driving his convertible with the roof down!

Day 14 – Tick

Mouse finally managed to fix his old clock. Now he can tick it off his to do list.

Day 15 – Helmet

Mouse used to play ice hockey when he was young.

Day 16 – Compass

Apparently, so one of mouse’s favourite bedtime stories says, there is a magical compass that shows the shortest path to cheese. Mouse would really want such thing.

Day 17 – Collide

It seems it wasn’t a good idea to go up to the roof in slippers. Collision with ground is unavoidable.

Day 18 – Moon

Many say that sometimes moon looks like cheese, but only a few look at it as if it really was. Mouse does.

Day 19 – Loop

Sometimes, when mouse gets bored, he loops his tail creating various words or objects.

Day 20 – Sprout

Mouse discovered his block of chees started to sprout with something long and green. He lost his appetite short after.

Day 21 – Fuzzy

Mouse didn’t shave for a while. He looks a bit fuzzy.

Day 22 – Open

Mouse had a bad dream. When he opened his eyes and realised he is in his bed, he was relieved.

Day 23 – Leak

Mouse has a leaking ceiling. He is not looking forward fixing it.

Day 24 – Extinct

Mouse have made another costume for Halloween, a pterodactyl.

Day 25 – Splat

Poor mouse! He dropped his favourite cheescake!

Day 26 – Connect

Mouse bought himself a new hi-fi setup and is excited to connect it all up and listen to his favourite DJ – deadmau5!

Day 27 – Spark

Mouse doesn’t have many bad habits, but occasionally he enjoys a cigarette.

Day 28 – Crispy

Mouse isn’t a big fan of winter, oh no! But even then he can enjoy the crispy mornings.

Day 29 – Patch

Mouse doesn’t only like cheese, he also loves mushrooms! He is so happy to see a first small patch of his home grown oyster mushrooms!

Day 30 – Slither

Mouse truly hates creeping and crawling creatures – especially snakes! – and so he often dreams he is a powerful wizard and can shrink them and show them who is the boss!

Day 31 – Risk

Mouse isn’t exactly know for making accurate cost to benefit analysis in his little head so he often takes unnecessary risk. Well, sometimes you got to…

Inktober 2021 – Done!

You were great. I didn’t finish you on time, but better late then never, right?

Until 2022…

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